Musings on Piscatorial Pursuits

Following in the footsteps of renowned writer and angling explorer Joe Brooks – only fifty years later – Joseph Daniel has traveled the world in search of wild fish in wild waters. From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Tahiti to the Seychelles, here is a collection of some of his best articles, originally published in Wild On The Fly magazine from 2002 to 2010… Collection

Inside the Fly Fishing Industry

Fly fishing supports a unique commerce. Predominately a mom and pop cottage industry with a handful of gear manufacturers, the trade caters to a very small but well-heeled market of Baby Boomer and GenX enthusiasts, and a larger segment of harder to monetize do-it-yourselfer Millennials. Joseph Daniel has profiled the industry for various trade publications… Collection


From early environmental and nature articles, travel writing, reviews, criticism and personal reflection, Journal is a catch-all of ideas, opinions and inspiration… Collection