Story Arts Media is a creative agency located in Boulder, Colorado. We make films and television shows, publish books and special interest magazines, and produce freelance writing, video and photography. Operating under the simple truth that all communication – from news and entertainment to promotional advertising to simple social discourse – is a form of storytelling, Story Arts Media is dedicated to elevating that dialogue to its highest level.

The possibilities for endless evolution of message across multiple screens and in multiple formats are extraordinary, and have become the new media of our times. From traditional print and still photography to online ‘zines and video-enhanced eBooks, from ultra high-definition television to live-streaming web series, from tales around a campfire to podcasts and audiobooks – it all still comes down to “telling the story.” 

Joseph Daniel is the principal storyteller at Story Arts Media. That’s him above... only many years ago when he was first starting his career! Joe has been involved in the media arts now for over 40 years as a photographer, filmmaker, television producer, writer, editor, graphic designer, book packager, publisher, and marketer. During that time he has had the good fortune to collaborate with many exceptional content creators, and continues to do so today. Story Arts Media is an expression of all of that. 

As per the butterfly logo; most of us grew up learning about the wonder of metamorphosis and how incredible beauty can often evolve from plain or even ugly beginnings. We chose the blue morphos butterfly as the icon for Story Arts Media because it is the perfect symbol for such transformation of content. We also fancy this impossibly gorgeous fellow because, like many creative types, he lives life large and is a bit of a hedonist. Subsisting only on the juice from fermented fruit our sometimes slightly inebriated mascot is still a highly skilled flier capable of out-maneuvering even predatory birds. He is rare and highly coveted – not unlike truly good media.