Inside The Fly Fishing Industry

So You Want to Start a Revolution

I’m not a big believer in premonitions, omens, fortune telling – that sort of thing. It’s just too scary. I’d be reading my coffee grounds every morning, and I’d never get on an airplane. But I have to admit the signs were everywhere. First, I bump into Simon Gawesworth from RIO at a crappy hotel restaurant in Pleasanton, California where we’re both working… Read More


The Thing About Mike

Strolling with The Fly Shop owner Mike Michalak through the annual Fly Tackle Dealer trade show, an event he personally attends about every three years, is like going to someone else’s high school reunion, namely his. Manufactures reach out from within their booths to shake his hand, guides and lodge owners stop him in the isle, and even competing fly shop proprietors… Read More


Patagoni Gets Serious About Fly Fishing

“It’s never going to snow again,” laments Yvon Chouinard in a resigned yet pragmatic tone. “Everything is melting and we’re headed towards becoming a water planet.” Provocative statements like this zinger on climate change are a reportedly common response from this quiet (introverted), reluctant (hands-off boss who hates confrontation) anti-businessman… Read More