Muskie Madness in Wisconsin

Produced and narrated by Joseph Daniel, filmed and edited by Joseph Daniel and Michael Grasseschi, 2012 – Called the fish of 1,000 casts; just how hard is it to land a trophy-size muskie on the fly? You might be surprised! Join us as we take you on an amazing quest for big muskies in Northern Wisconsin, beginning with a look at the crazy and often controversial history of the old-time World Record hunters. Then we pair one of our best sticks with the undisputed best guides in the business to see if we can elicit the rare tug of a Northwood’s leviathan.

After four days we’ve made more casts, eaten more calories, and listened to more muskie stories than you could ever imagine, but it’s time to get down to serious pursuit of this bad boy of the North. We’ve caught a few fish, but they’d only count as bait for real muskie anglers - and we want into that very exclusive club soooo badly. Uber-guide Brad Bowen decides that Drew has put in the work and rewards him with access to a secret spot that just might hold our trophy.

We return to Boulder Lodge a month later for the first annual Muskie Ball and one more day on the water with the muskie tribe. Winter is fast approaching and it's time to celebrate the season with a display of pig preparation perfection for one of the most unique parties ever thrown. The fete is muskie madness to the highest order and the following morning finds the tribe nearly spent from six months of chasing big fish in the legendary Northwoods of Wisconsin. But everyone rallies for one last day of extreme angling before everything freezes over, and what a day it is!