Angling for Gold in Argentina

Produced, filmed, edited and narrated by Joseph Daniel, additional footage by Grant Wiswell, Todd Moen, and Michael Grasseschi, 2012 – Wild on the Fly was one of the first to report on dorado fishing in Northern Argentina, in a cover story published in 2003 featuring the golden marauder of Ibera Marsh. From that first moment on we have been captivated by this most perfect of gamefish and we made many trips over two years to the Rio Juramento drainage trying to unlock the secrets behind striking gold on these jungle waters. The effort was often difficult - even tragic at one point when we sadly lost one of our team - but the landing of a record fish during our final trip proved life-changing, and in some ways even life-affirming in the end. The above image is of filmmaker Joe Daniel, and guide Emiliano, with a record 40-pound dorado from the Rio Juramento.