HUM Sizzle Reel

Combining a love for travel and adventure with a passion for fishing, Mariko Izumi takes viewers across the country and beyond to experience the best that all three have to offer. In this, her seventh season, Mariko visits fishing hot spots in Canada, Montana, the Eastern Seaboard, the Deep South, and even Portugal while learning about the local culture along the way. Whether it’s seeking out the best café in the Azores, hooking a huge sturgeon in British Columbia, or learning to roll a kayak in Montana, Mariko’s mission is travel and fishin’ punctuated by exciting new life experiences.

As a legacy of her father’s and uncle’s hugely popular and longest-running fishing TV show in Canada, Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show, Mariko is genuinely famous amongst Canucks for her own television productions. Denver based Big Bite Entertainment was hired by the World Fishing Network to introduce Mariko to an American audience. Story Arts Media was in turn hired to provide fishing photography expertise and help raise the overall production level. Joseph Daniel served as Director of Photography and First Camera Operator and contracted Michael Grasseschi as Second Camera Operator.