Verse or Perverse - Humor & Heartbreak

In this musically enhanced ebook Virginian lawyer-cum-poet Ralph Katherman tells it like it is - or at least how he sees it. And most of the time that's pretty damn funny! From science to opera, young love to old age, he's got an opinion. He's also a bit of a cynic when it comes to poetry, believing that the conventional use of metaphor is way overrated. What you get with Verse or Perverse is a realist's view of life and an uncanny ability to find humor in most things. But Ralph doesn't shy from the dark side in his reflections on America, the environment, and the loss of his lifelong love Helen. Mix all of that with the playful camp of composer Ben Boone, who has scored five of Ralph's humorous poems with comedic performances of his own, and you have a multi-media production sure to elicit both a chuckle and a tear from just about anyone.