Just Elliot

Written by Sue Baer, illustrated by Pamela Barcita, produced and designed by Joseph Daniel, published by Story Arts Media, 2017.

Sue Baer weaves a simple but groundbreaking story about Elliot, a six-year-old boy with autism attempting to explain the challenges of his life on the spectrum. From the sensation of stinging bees on his head as he gets his haircut, to his revulsion of certain colored foods, to the simple need to hum as he concentrates on his schoolwork – the very real revelations rendered in the sensational illustrations of Pamela Barcita are certain to be eye opening to Just Elliot’s intended audience of young non-autistic readers. Includes a special Foreword by world-renowned autism spokesperson Temple Grandin and a Resource Guide for readers.

Meet the real Elliot, his mother Jane and author Sue Baer in this video.