There's a Hole in the Donut

Originally written and illustrated by Arthur Earl Nelson, Reissued by Susan Candee, produced and designed by Joseph Daniel, published by Story Arts Media, 2015.

When Susan Candee’s young son Arthur first wrote There’s A Hole In The Donut around age ten it was painstakingly scratched and drawn out in pencil onto a small yellow legal pad. The story was about a bored donut who leaves Donutville in search of adventure, only to end up in dubious Corn City. Tiny illustrations accompanied the text, which quite charmingly dispensed of correct grammar and spelling in favor of vibrant story telling – authentically – as only a third-grader can. About fifteen years later when Susan found the legal pad buried in Arthur’s closet she was deeply moved, and decided to re-create the book with her own illustrations as a gift for Arthur on his 25th birthday! This is a combination of both of their versions. Watch book trailer.