From Happy Valley to the Mountaintop

Written by Lee Evans, , designed by Perry Bergman, edited and produced by Joseph Daniel, published by Daniel Publishing Group, 2002.

This extraordinary story begins as told through the eyes of a young boy growing up high in the mountains of Colorado during the final pioneer years of the early 20 th Century. Living alone with his resolute mother and her often-feckless hired hand, they survive the tough Depression years through hard work, ingenuity and love. Lee grows up with a cast of characters and childhood experiences worthy of Huck Finn. He explores the old mines of Happy Valley, hunts and fishes the high country, builds a log cabin, becomes a dude wrangler and horsepacks for the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Lee eventually leaves home, and despite formidable odds, attends and excels in college. He earns an MBA and becomes a teacher himself, all while working as an investment manager for a large trust and holding down a second fulltime job as a Navy expediter. His expertise in the building industry spawns a new career as a private consultant for professional homebuilders and Lee went on to be recognized in 1999 as one of the 100 most influential people in the housing industry in the 20 th Century by BUILDER, the magazine of the National Association of Home Builders. Lee never lost his love for the mountains and he eventually buys the property that became his beloved Arapaho Ranch where he lived out the rest of his life with his beloved wife Virginia.