Books: Gracie: Afghan War Refugee Dog

Gracie: Afghan War Refugee Dog

Gracie is the first of our "Dog Gone Amazing" ebook series on... amazing dogs! Rescued from the war torn streets of Kabul by a sympathetic American military medic, Gracie was in bad shape. She had a horribly mangled rear leg and was missing both ears. The medic amputated the destroyed leg and nursed her back to health. He then contacted PETA back in the U.S. who found an anonymous donor to cover the cost of flying Gracie to America. That's all we really know about her history, but author Dr. Joseph Daniel makes an attempt at reconstructing her early life. He surmises that her ears had been clipped off when she was put into servitude as a fighting dog, and that her leg injury may have come from stepping on a land mine. He then jumps ahead to her actual history of  adoption in the U.S. A beautiful, heart-warming, and at times wrenching tale of the fortitude of one amazing dog and love of her eventual host family.