Compiled by the editorial staff of Buzzworm Magazine under the direction of assistant editor Ann Carey, EcoTravel editor Lisa Jones, and editor-in-chief Joseph Daniel, designed by Karen Oldenburg, published by Buzzworm Books, 1993.

EcoTravel is about responsible tourism that conserves environments, sustains the well-being of local people and has a positive impact on the threatened areas of our fragile planet. It's also about discovering an Anasazi ruin in a slick rock canyon in Utah, listening to lions roar over the Serengeti, or guarding newborn sea turtles as they make their precarious journey back to the sea on a wild beach in Costa Rica.

What are you waiting for? Earth Journal's Guide to Ecotravel lists 100 ecotravel trips - from the Arctic to the Amazon - that will change your life. Detailed itineraries and a map of each trip are included. And every adventure is led by experienced ecotravel outfitters who care about the Earth. You can dream... and you can go!

So reads the back cover copy of Earth Journal's Guide to Ecotravel, the first compilation of ecotravel adventures ever published in book form.