Dust Bunny Sock Monster

Dust Bunny Sock Monster is a wonderful modern-day parable about the age-old challenge all parents face in getting their children to "clean up your room!" Introducing Koko Madeline, an adorable and precocious second grader who would rather do just about anything other than straighten up her bedroom. Out of the squalor grows a simple speck of dust into a full-fledged and very active dust bunny kleptomaniac who lives under Koko's dresser and decorates its messy hovel with all sorts of her belongings, especially socks. A smart story – as written by the real Koko’s grandmother Sara Rawlins – Dust Bunny Sock Monster suspends reality and celebrates the intelligence and fortitude of youth. The remarkable illustrations are by Bhavna Bhen, a former actress and performer, who suffered a paralyzing stroke at the age of 42. After years of slow and painful rehabilitation she taught herself to paint using her left hand and eventually graduated valedictorian from Full Sail University.