Country Swing

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Written by Peter Livingston and compiled by Phil Brittin, dance instruction by Susan Albers and Susan Koster, designed and photographed by Joseph Daniel, published by Doubleday & Company, 1981

Discos are being gutted from coast to coast to make way for western bars. Cactus décor, cowboy boots, and country music are what you’ll find. Touch dancing and friendly people beckon to be enjoyed. The Complete Book of Country Swing and Western Dance, And a Bit About Cowboys is one genuine ticket to the New West. Dance instructors Susan and Susan know all about country swing and western dance. They’ve taught thousands in private classes throughout Colorado. Now they’ve assembled all the famous moves, from down-home basics to flashy, prize-winning combinations, into simple, fun, easy-to- follow instructions. This books will not only teach you all about the dance, it’s guaranteed to make you a star in any western bar. Learn all about the fine art of mechanical bull riding, the best boots, hats, and dance albums. Follow the history of the cowboy from the range to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Look in, dance out, and enjoy!