1992 Earth Journal

Compiled by the editorial staff of Buzzworm Magazine under the direction of Senior Editor Darby Junking and Editor-in- Chief Joseph Daniel, designed by Karen Oldenburg, published by Buzzworm Books, 1991.

It’s all here in one extraordinary 448-page volume, produced by the editors of the award-winning Buzzworm Magazine. With a passionate foreword by world-renowned conservationist, Dr Jane Goodall, the 1992 Earth Journal Almanac takes a lively look at what’s happened environmentally in the last year and sets the stage for active participation in this all-important “environmental decade” of the ‘90s. From revealing updates on the major environmental challenges facing our fragile planet, to in-depth directories of the resources you need to live an eco-lifestyle, the 1992 Earth Journal Almanac is the most useful, interesting and fun environmental book you’ll ever read!