Poco Bueno

Written by Chris Parks, edited and designed by Joseph Daniel, published by Story Arts Media. Poco Bueno is the story of every man’s fantasy - escaping the prison of his 9-to-5 existence. Stokes is a 31-year-old executive in the Texas oil business. His marriage to the boss’s daughter is on the skids and his true love, an over-restored 70-foot Hatteras fishing yacht, has him panicking in debt. Following his heart, and the naked truth of his fun-loving boat captain sidekick Jean Paul, the two fishing buddies throw caution to the wind on a quest for genuine adventure and meaning. Like the ever-churning margarita blender onboard the boat, Poco Bueno is a crazy blend of thirty-something angst, bikini-clad willful women, testosterone-fueled antics, and competitive angling. Based on the real-life Port O’Connor Offshore Invitational Fishing Tournament held off the coast of Texas, this book might very well be the next great American western, albeit a watery one! Yes, this is a novel about fishing - but it is really an engaging story about the inevitability of what life serves up and our ability to eat well at the feast.

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