Charles the Lion Dog: Ambassador of Goodwill

Charles the Lion Dog: Ambassador of Goodwill is the long awaited sequel to Charles the Lion Dog, the real-life story of a lovable labradoodle named Charles, who became an international sensation when he was mistaken for an actual lion wandering the streets of Norfolk, Virginia. His playful owner had groomed the very furry pooch to leave a longer "mane" and a tufted tail resulting in the uncanny resemblance to the King of the Jungle. In BOOK II Charles' young owner Daniel returns with his new best friend Callie and together they help Charles realize his full potential as a service dog. From helping kids read in the library and protecting old folks from harm, to visiting the injured in the hospital and uplifting the spirits of those who are ill or incarcerated, Charles truly becomes an Ambassador of Goodwill and everyone learns a wonderful lesson in the process.